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Statistical Modelling in R (TILTA32)

Some of the material relating to a two-week course on this topic given in the University of Tampere in Spring 2005 is available. This is a refined and shortened version of a course first given in the Spring of 2001 (which is also available) and modified in 2003. The 2003 edition includes more exercises and some lecture slides, there have been only minor changes in the 2005 edition. There is a little overlap with material in PAS6011 and some topics from the course Further Multivariate Analysis are repeated and extended (especially in the original 2001 edition). Lecture notes etc are in .pdf form and may be read and printed with Adobe Acrobat. For the 2005 and 2003 Editions the notes are printed two to the sheet, lecture slides (originally in PowerPoint) at six to the sheet. For the 2001 version chapters are available separately or together in one file (2.5Mb).

2005 Edition

Lecture notes, all chapters

Lecture slides

Exercises and assignments

2003 Edition

Lecture notes, all chapters

Lecture slides

Exercises and assignments

2001 Edition

Lecture notes:

Lecture notes, all chapters

Chapter 0: Introduction

Chapter 1: Overview of S-PLUS and R

Chapter 2: Exploratory Data Analysis

Chapter 3: Classical Univariate Statistics

Chapter 4: Linear and Generalized Linear Models

Chapter 5: Multivariate Methods

Chapter 6: Tree-Based Methods

Chapter 7: Neural Networks

Chapter 8: Concluding Remarks

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