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Computer-Assisted Facial Recognition

You too can have a face like mine!

As part of a research project on computer-assisted facial recognition (see below) there is an opportunity to obtain a 3d scan of your own face. A facility is provided at Magna Science Adventure Centre to take a series of digitial photos which are then converted to a 3d image, using equipment and software provided by Geometrix. Currently the stand is open at weekends and school holidays. If you consent to participating in the study and allow us to use the scan for research purposes you will be able to obtain a copy of the scan on a floppy disk and view it at home. You may need to download a special viewer for this but this takes only a few seconds. To see my face in this system then click here. By dragging with the mouse you can rotate the image in 3D.

Outline of Project

The two-year Computer-Assisted Facial Recognition Project involves researchers in the Universities of Sheffield, Nottingham and Kent at Canterbury and is supported by the US Government. The overall objective of the project is to design and develop a reliable method of photogrammetric matching of faces that can be used to confirm or exclude an identity based on facial measurements (craniofacial anthropometrics). The work involves statistical analysis of variation in facial measurements in 2D & 3D and the development of novel algorithms for making 2D & 3D comparisons between faces, facial image capture from video streams and automatic detection of facial landmarks. In Sheffield the work is based within the Departments of Forensic Pathology and Probability & Statistics under the supervision of Dr Martin Evison and Dr Nick Fieller. The role of Lucy Morecroft, Research Associate, Sheffield is to supervise the collection and construction of a database of 3D facial images, including the identification and recording of suitable landmarks, and to develop the statistical methodology to assess intra- and inter-individual variability of facial measurements. Similar posts in Nottingham (contact: Dr Damian Schofield) and Kent (contact: Dr Chris Solomon) are directed towards image capture from video streams and automatic detection and recording of landmarks. The work involves close collaboration with the holders of these two posts. A few more details are given here.
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