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MSc Dissertations

(60) Angelina  Chattopadhyay Mukherjee (2011)Comet assays for assessing genetic damage
(59) Lara Glover(2011)Robustness of SURF methodology for interrogating random forests
(58) Beth Conroy(2011)Modelling and power analysis of in viva dose-response data
(57) Katie Gill(2010)Comparison of Variable importance measures in rrRandom forests
(56) Marlous Van Laar(2009)Adaptive thresholding for biomarkers
(55) Aida Al Sabti(2009)Statistical modelling of fingerprints
(54) Bita Analui(2009)Relationship between Univariate and multivariate methods for Selecting Variables in high dimensional data
(53) Francis Gathatwa(2008)Dynamics of Opportunistic Infections in HIV Infected Individuals
(52) Kamal Sagoo(2008)Comparative evaluation of products from consumer questionnaires
(51) Rachel Hodgson(2008)How do social insects recognise each other?
(50) Michele Smith(2008)Proteomic analysis of migraine attacks
(49) Yoshiko Hayashi(2008)Bayesian outlier detection
(48) Rebecca Shepperley(2008)Impact of soil type and climate on tree rings
(47) Martin Brown(2007)Statistics and the Art of Motorcycle Lubrication
(46) Lu Zou(2006)Identification of biomarkers for particular conditions
(45) James Bentham(2006)Prediction modelling of metabonomic data
(44) Maria Taboada(2005)Protein profiling by SELDI-TOF-MS as a rapid screening technique for MRSA
(43) Richard Jacques(2005)Prediction Modelling Of Proteomic Data
(42) Ritika Jain(2005)Analysis of environmental factors associated with the hospital admission in two cities in Britain
(41) Richard Cairns(2004)Analysis of Cold Sores Data
(40) Ellen Farleigh(2004)Data Mining in Credit Card Transactions
(39) Elizabeth Mills(2004)Analysis of High-Content Cell-Biology Measurements
(38) Emma O'Connor(2003)Statistical Testing of Medical Images
(37) Klaudia Walter(2003)Immune Responses of Patients Infected with Schistosoma mansoni
(36) Lucy Morecroft(2002)Identification of Faces
(35) Georgina Papageorgiou(2002)Maximizing Discrimination
(34) Michael Cartwright(2001)Sexual Dimorphism in Skulls
(33) Sarah Keyte(2001)Modern Questionnaire Analysis
(32) Jo Morrison(2000) Power of Generalized Monte Carlo Tests and Designs of Faience Pendant Collars
(31) Claire Harris(1998)Analysis of Anæmia Data
(With Eleanor Stillman)
(30) Zoë James (1998)Growth of Premature Infants
(29) Atilla Goktas(1997)The Size Distribution of Tomatoes
(With Eleanor Stillman)
(28) Julie Hopkins(1995)Sizes of Mummy Pots
(27) Emre Karaman(1995)Automatic Classification of Pollen Grains
(With Eleanor Stillman)
(26) Sofia Lopes(1995)2D projections of 3D Point Patterns
(With Eleanor Stillman)
(25) Michael Aylott(1994)Shapes & Sizes of Hebridean Dogwhelks
(24) Nick Carter(1994)Designs of Faience Pendant Collars anf Necklaces
(23) Iain Knox(1994)Quantal Redshifts
(22) Nicholas Desypris(1993)Shapes of Mummy Pots
(21) David Golya(1992)The Efficiency of Search Strategies on Collecting a Representative Sample of Surface Lithics
(20) Annabelle Payne(1992)Tree Rings and Woodland Management
(19) Massimiliano Massari(1991)Firing Temperatures of Ceramics and Change-Point Regression
(18) Lucy Royal-Dawson(1991)Sampling Problems in Archæology
(17) Anne-Marie Edwardes(1990)Statistical Dendrochronogy and Climate Data
(16) Claire Sykes(1990)Field Surveys of Archæological Sites
(15) Jonathan Bright(1989)Particle Size Analysis
(14) Markus Sova(1989)An Analysis of Archæological Skeletal Data
(13) Debbie Thomas(1988)The Use of Microfossil Abundances to Determine Flint Sources
(12) Fahimeh Gahrooei(1987)Non-Paramteric Analysis of Particle Size Data
(11) Sara Hilditch(1987)Analysis of the Effect of Various Toxic Substances on Mytilous Edulis Plantigrades
(10) Kulwinder Singh(1987)Britain's Oldest House
(9) Petros Dellaportas(1986)Classification of Greek Pottery
(8) Joanne Padmore(1986)Analysis of the Phytolith Abundancies of Coastal Sand Dune Systems in the Outer Hebrides
(7) Stephanie Steward(1983)Statistical Dendrochronology
(6) Walter Olbricht(1982)Modern Statistical Analysis of Ancient Sand
(5) David Wright(1980)The Relative Calibration and Precision of Two Blood Pressure Recorders
(4) Nick Kaloyeropoulos(1978)A Statistical Study of a b-Blocking Drug
(3) Antonia Amaral(1977)Statistical Analysis of Yorkshire Bronze Age Burials
(2) Kevin Parry(1976)Some Analysis of Remains Found in Exeter
(1) Faride Quesada(1976)Tests for Multiple Outliers in Univariate Normal Samples

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