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Useful Web Links

As well as following the links below, you may also like to visit our Advertisements page, where you will find adverts for job vacancies, software packages and courses.

RSS links

   Media Contacts    Annual Reports
   Meetings Card    Diary of Events
   Directions to Errol St.    IT Report (Apr. 2000)
   RSS Centre for Statistical Education (at NTU)    RSS Datasets (at Blackwell Publishers)

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International Statistical Societies

   American Statistical Association
   Belgian Statistical Society
   Danish Society For Theoretical Statistics
   Finnish Statistical Society
   French Statistical Society
   German Statistical Society
   Hong Kong Statistical Society
   Indian Statistical Institute
   Institute of Mathematical Statistics
   International Association for Statistical Education
   International Biometric Society
   International Chinese Statistical Association
   International Environmetrics Society
   International Society For Bayesian Analysis
   International Society For Clinical Biostatistics
   International Statistical Institute
   Irish Statistical Association
   Italian Statistical Society
   Japanese Statistical Society
   Mexican Statistical Association
   Netherlands Society For Statistics And Operational Research
   New Zealand Statistical Association
   South African Statistical Association
   Statisticians In The Pharmaceutical Industry (PSI)
   Statistical Society of Australia Inc
   Statistical Society of Canada
   Swedish Statistical Society

Mathematics Societies

   Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education
   Council for the Mathematical Sciences
   Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
   Joint Mathematical Council of the United Kingdom
   London Mathematical Society
   Operational Research Society

Other Societies and Organisations

   Academy of Learned Societies for the Social Sciences
   Association of Management Sciences
   British Market Research Association
   Committee of Professors of Statistics (COPS)
   Faculty and Institute of Actuaries
   Local Authorities Research & Intelligence Association
   Market Research Society
   Northern Ireland Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment
   Professional Associations Research Network (PARN)
   Qualifications and Curriculum Authority
   Qualifications, Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales
   Royal Society
   Schools Network
   Scottish Qualifications Authority
   Specialist Schools Trust

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Statistical Journals

   American Statistician
   Annals of Applied Probability
   Annals of Statistics
   Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics
   Bulletin of the International Statistical Institute
   Canadian Journal of Statistics
   Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation
   Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods
   Econometrics Journal
   Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics
   Journal of Applied Statistics
   Journal of Business and Economic Statistics
   Journal of Multivariate Analysis
   Journal of Nonparametric Statistics
   Journal of Official Statistics
   Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation
   Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference
   Journal of The American Statistical Association
   Journal of The Royal Statistical Society Series A (Statistics In Society)
   Journal of The Royal Statistical Society Series B (Statistical Methodology)
   Journal of The Royal Statistical Society Series C (Applied Statistics)
   Journal of The Royal Statistical Society Series D (The Statistician) - discontinued from Jan. 2004
   Journal of Time Series Analysis
   Oxford Bulletin of Economics & Statistics
   Scandinavian Journal of Statistics
   Sociological Methodology
   Statistical Science
   Statistica Neerlandica
   Statistics: A Journal of Theoretical and Applied Statistics
   Statistics and Computing
   Statistics in Medicine
   Stochastic Models
   Stochastic Processes and their Applications
   Stochastics and Stochastics Reports
   Teaching Statistics

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   AIM25 Homepage for the AIM25 project (which focuses on networking the archives of all HEIs and Royal Societies within the M25 area).
   Allstat archives Archives for the mailing list Allstat, a forum for general statistical enquiries, job advertisements, and seminar announcements.
   Bayesian sites List of Bayesian websites.
   Count On (originally Maths Year 2000) Website devoted to encouraging children to take an interest in mathematics
   History of Statistics Peter Lee's list of Materials for a History of Statistics course, including portraits of statisticians.
   JSTOR journal archive Archives for older issues of some journals (including JRSS): articles are available for download to subscribing institutions.
   Knowledge Discovery Central Database of scientific web links
   List of statistics lists Mike Fuller's list of mailing lists for statistics
   MCMC Preprint Server List of downloadable MCMC (Markov Chain Monte Carlo) articles submitted for publication.
   Probability and Statistics on the Earliest Uses Pages John Aldrich's index to the contents of Jeff Miller's two Earliest Uses websites, which provide information on the earliest known use of mathematical and statistical terms and methodology.
   RDN Virtual Training Suite Online tutorials in various subjects, aimed at improving Internet information skills
   Statistical Science Web Comprehensive list of Statistics-related web links.
   Statistics glossary Glossary of statistical terms.
   Statistics Journals Comprehensive list of Probability and Statistics journals on the web.
   Statistics Web Links Darren Wilkinson's comprehensive list of Statistics-related web links.
   UK Directory of Academic Statisticians Directory of statisticians in UK Academic Institutions, and their research interests
   Univ. Adelaide's Fisher publications University of Adelaide's site dedicated to the publications of RA Fisher.

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   Adobe Acrobat Reader Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF files.
   Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview Download Ghostscript, Ghostview or GSview for viewing and printing PostScript files.
   LaTeX/TeX Information on the TeX users group.
   MS Word Viewer Download Microsoft Word Viewer for viewing MS Word files.
   StatLib Archive of statistical algorithms and datasets.
   Open Office Download OpenOffice, a free office suite of programs for various platforms.
   UCLA Statistical Computing Portal Website that links to and searches across Statistical Computing sites from around the world.
   Web links for statistical packages List of home pages for statistical software packages.

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Research, Higher Education, and Careers

UK Funding Councils

   Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
   Economic and Social Research Council
   Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
   Medical Research Council
   National Environmental Research Council
   Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council

Postgraduate Opportunities

   "Blue book" of postgraduate study at UK institutions
   PhDs currently available
   Hobson's Postgraduate Opportunities Directory
   Prospects - Opportunities for Postgraduate Study

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Scientific Publishers

   Academic Press
   Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers
   Blackwell Publishers
   Cambridge University Press
   CRC Press (incl. Chapman & Hall)
   Marcel Dekker, Inc.
   Elsevier Science
   Kluwer Academic Publishers (incl. Chapman & Hall)
   Oxford University Press
   Prentice Hall
   Taylor & Francis
   Thomson Learning (incl. Brooks/Cole & Duxbury)
   John Wiley & Sons

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Other sites

   Gender statistics Analysis & Policy Integration Branch (ONS) project on national statistics by gender
   National Statistics The official UK statistics site
   Office of Science and Technology Homepage of the UK government's Office of Science and Technology
   Statistics Commission Homepage for the UK Statistics Commission
   UNESCO Institute for Statistics Homepage for the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS)

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Disclaimer: These links are intended to be a useful resource for anyone interested in statistics. However, the RSS is not responsible for the content of, and should not be assumed to endorse in any way, those sites listed above that are not maintained by us. Furthermore, this list is only a subset of those sites available on the web, and is not meant in any way to be exhaustive nor representative of statistics resources on the internet. Please notify the RSS WebMaster (e-mail given below) of any broken links.
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