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Contact information

Mail:Dr N R J Fieller,
Department of Probability & Statistics
University of Sheffield
Hicks Building
Sheffield, S3 7RH, UK

Departmental Activities

I have now retired frm the University but still have an office (K10) in the School of Mathematics and Statistics.
I am an Honorary Research Fellow in Archaeology and have been awarded honoraray life membership of
CAA International (the Computer Applications & Quantitative Techniques in Archaeology Association).

Until recently I was Postgraduate Admission Tutor for the Department of Probability & Statistics within the School of Mathematics & Statistics covering all matters relating to the MSc in Statistics, the MSc in Statistics with Medical Applications and the MSc in Statistics with Financial Mathematics, both for full-time residential students and part-time Distance Learning students as well as the Graduate Certificate for Distance Learning students. Until recently I was Tutor for the MMath Mathematics with French, German and Spanish Language and the MMath Mathematics with Study in Europe degree programmes which involve our Erasmus Programme.

Biographical information

I obtained my BA (1969) from the University of Cambridge, followed by an MSc (1970) from the University of Birmingham and PhD (1976) from the University of Hull. I have held teaching posts at the Universities of Edinburgh and Hull, and visiting positions in Dortmund and Melbourne. I am a Chartered Statistician, with considerable experience of consulting work. In particular I am consultant to the Egyptian Exploration Society, which has involved me in visits to archaeological sites in Egypt. I am a former Editor of the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series D (The Statistician) and former President of the British Classification Society

Research interests

My interests include: particle-size distributions; dendrochronology; multivariate analysis; linear functional models; problems involving 'outliers'; spatial patterns; biomedical, environmental and archaeological applications of statistics.

Recent Seminars

Click here for copies of slides of recent seminars

Particle Size Software

(Windows 3.1 version)
Download file 700 Kb Zip Compressed Data
Once Downloaded use zipcentral or similar to decompress the file.


Click here for material relating to advice on careers and postgraduate opportunities in Statistics,
including links to particular pages in RSS, PSI and allstat for advice on CVs, interviews and
copies of careers presentations in a variety of areas.


Statistics in Clinical Trials
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Click here for material relating to the statistics module at the TiP Summer school

Clinical Trials & Survival Analysis
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PAS102 Probability & Inference

Medical Statistics

Multivariate Data Analysis

Basics of Matrix Algebra with R
(Notes to accompany Multivariate Data Analysis)

MSc Foundation Block

Sample chapter from PAS6052, Stochastic Processes

Statistical Theory

Statistical Modelling in R

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BSc/MMath Study in Europe

I am tutor for the BSc and MMath degrees with French/German/Spanish Language and with Study in Europe. These four-year degree schemes allow students to spend the third of their four years studying mathematics and statistics in a University in Europe. Approximately one third of the time in the first two years is spent taking language courses in the
Modern Languages Teaching Centre and two thirds taking Pure Mathematics and either Statistics or Applied Mathematics. Year three is spent abroad taking courses in mathematics and statistics (lectured in the local language) and year four is back in Sheffield. Click here for some more information.

Erasmus Programme

I am co-ordinator of the Erasmus Exchange Programme which allows students from our
Partner Universites to spend one or two semesters in Sheffield taking courses in Mathematics and Statistics as well as allowing Sheffield students on the four-year MMath programme to spend one or two semesters during their third year at one of these Universities.
Sheffield MMath students should click here for more information about going abroad during their third year.
Students wishing to come to Sheffield should click here for some more information.

PhD Topics

An idea of the range of PhD topics that I am interested in supervising can be obtained from the list of recent and current Research Students given below.
here for some general descriptions of other areas.

Research Students


Mahmoud Okasha: Statistical Methods in Dendrochronolgy, (1987).

(2) Eleanor Flenley: Statistical Analysis of Particle Size Data, (1988).

(3) Trevor Ringrose: The Statistical Analysis of Cave Palæobiological Data, (1990).

(4) Joanne Padmore: The Analysis of Stratigraphic Data with Particular Reference to Zonation Problems, (1990).

(5) Ntonghenwah Forcheh: Principal Components and Linear Discriminant Analyses of Multi-Structured Data Sets, with Applications to Archæological and Environmental Studies, (1992).

(6) Ben Gordor: Some Informal Methods for Detecting Multivariate Outliers, (1994).

(7) Abdolrahman Rasekh: Diagnostic Methods in the Functional Errors in Variables Models, (1996).

(8) Ghapor Hussin: Pseudo-Replication in Functional Relationships with Environmental Applications, (1998). (With Eleanor Stillman)

(9) João Scalon: Spatial and Size Distributions of Particles in Composite Materials, (1998). (With Eleanor Stillman)

(10) Viviane Grunert: Data Contamination Versus Model Deviation, (1999).

(11) Julie Hopkins: Sampling Designs for Multivariate Exploratory Analysis, (2000).

(12) Emel Acar: Extensions of Quantal Problems, (2000).

(13) Emre Karaman: Statistical Aspects of Automatic Pollen Identification, (2000). (With Eleanor Stillman)

(14) Sofia Mucharreira de Azeredo Lopes: Statistical Analysis of Particle Distributions in Composite Materials, (2000). (With Eleanor Stillman)

(15) Andrew Lynch: Covariate Models for Size Distributions, (2001). (With Eleanor Stillman)

(16) Elsa Valdés-Márquez: Design Problems in Clinical Trials, (2005).

(17) David Cairns: Omitted Values in Time Series, (2006).

(18) Clare Foyle: Probabilistic Relational Models for Gene Expression.

(19) Xanthé Mallett: Facial Identification for the Courts: Science Statistics and Law. (2006) (With Chris Milroy)

(20) Emma O'Connor: Statistical Issues in Medical Imaging, (2007)

(21) Richard Jacques: Statistical Analysis of High Content Screening Data, (2009)

(22) Lucy Morecroft: A Statistical Approach to Forensic Facial Identification, (2009)(see here).

(23) Afzalina Azmee: Inference in non-inferiority clinical trials, (2011)

(24) Lu Zou: Identification of biomarkers.(2012)

(25) Stephanie Llewlyn: Statistical Modelling of Fingerprints. (2014)

(26) Siti Rahayu: Multivariate Quality Control.(2015)

Research Associates


Dr Jonathan Myles, (1992-3), Particle Size Distributions in Metal Matrix Compounds. (SERC, Jointly with
Dr Eleanor Flenley, Professor Howard Jones and Dr Helen Atkinson, Project Leader).

Miss Lucy Morecroft, (2003-5), Computer-Assisted Facial Recognition. (US Government, Jointly with Dr Martin Evison, Project Leader).

MSc Dissertations

Click here for a [partial] list of titles and authors of MSc dissertations supervised in recent years.

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